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UniText In English !

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Submitted by PhilippeJarrin on Sun, 09/28/2014 - 15:31

Pour la présentation de la conférence CSD&M de Novembre : Documentation is a key issue in complex projects and it is often a very time-consuming activity which has a low perceived value, when the same units of text must be repeated over and over in multiple documents, correlated differently, with several levels of synthesis and/or analysis and aimed at many stakeholders points-of-view. Out-of-date, misdelivered and/or uncorrelated documents lead to unnecessary mistakes and configuration issues with the consequence, among several, being extra costs and delays due to partial re-working. Documentation management is "local" and "asynchronous" -- when the reference documents are part of costly contracts within an "extended enterprise" -- and is also subject to "change management" -- thus creating added requirements for updating peripheral documents needed for contractual changes, negotiations, decisions, new iterations for handling an ever-evolving flow of data, etc. In response to the need for documentation management stream-lining, UniText has been developed as an integrated documentation management system, based on small units of text, linked in a network of contexts, locally organized in hierarchy, and automatically managed in configuration by date. This software will link colleagues, their authority, the propagation of access rights, including delegation of projects, sub-projects and incidental tasks. Ideas will be managed in a network of context and date, and will have discussion attributes at different levels including offers of anonymous suggestions (whose contribution will carry no weight of commitment), straightforward decision-making (carrying the weight of commitment of a set of signers) and descriptions of work (carrying the weight of commitment of a set of signers who can describe the existing system). UniText is a complement to the management/evolution of documents, due to tremendous reduction in the number of updates and iterations made to individual documents removed from a particular project's stream of documentation management. Within UniText , ideas are managed in configuration with virtual contents that can be manipulated by several users. A dynamic project management workflow system enables vibrant discussion, clear and shared decision-making. In this way, UniText will create a virtual think-tank environment. See the full paper :